The medieval Ross Castle in County Kerry was built in the 15th-century. It comprises a fortified bawn and two curtain walls flanked by circular towers and its remains are one of Kerry’s most beautiful sites. 

The castle was the ancestral seat of the O’Donoghue Mor (Ross) clan, which was overthrown by the McCarthy Mor clan in and around 1580. Later, the castle came into the hands of the Brownes who became known as the Earls of Kenmare in County Kerry. 

During the Irish Confederate Wars, the castle was overthrown by the English army who approached the castle from its surrounding lake. It is said to be the last castle to hold out against the Cromwellian army.

Today, visitors can tour the inside and outside of the castle. What has been left of the castle has been restored and filled with appropriate furnishings and decor that is reminiscent of its medieval past.

Ross Castle
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