Interested in discovering more about Ireland’s history? From the ancient sites of Brú na Bóinne, Poulnabrone Dolmen and Hill of Uisneach that date back some 5,000 years, to the tales of Viking Ireland and Medieval Ireland, there are a wealth of ancient historic sites around Ireland just waiting to be explored. With ancient monasteries that have attracted visitors from all over the world, to modern sites that continue to attract visitors to Ireland today, there are endless opportunities to get out and explore the many attractions that have influenced this landscape for centuries.

Indeed, Ireland is a land that has been shaped for thousands of years by High Kings and Queens and ancient myths and legends whose legacy remains to this very day. This land has seen Ancient Kings crowned and buried, new dynasties created, legendary battles fought – events that have impacted on both these shores, and lands further afield.

With a story to be told in every village, town and city in Ireland, whether on land or water, it is no wonder that many come from near and far to soak up this historic land. Discover the rich history of this great country, and plan your trip through Historic Ireland today.

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