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A pop of colour, an inspiring quote, a powerful story, a captivating image… there is so much to take in when discovering Dublin’s street art. Street artists from near and far have sprayed Dublin’s walls with all sorts of culturally-relevant and eye-catching displays.

When visiting the city, either take a street art tour or discover some of the city’s street art for yourself. Below is a guide to the best of Dublin’s street art.

Irish Wolfhound

This bold and colourful creation by Dublin artist James Earley was commissioned by Visit Dublin. The large-scale mural features the famous Irish wolfhound, as well as Dublin landmarks like the Spire, Ha’Penny Bridge and Liberty Hall. Check out this inspiring piece of work at City Quay, Dublin 2, and further works by Earley across the city.


 A creation of artist Dan Leo’s, this powerful piece is displayed in Dublin’s Portobello area and is a lovely ode to the swans that swim along Dublin’s canals. Leo’s striking pieces often feature animals and are hard to miss as you wander through the city.

Stormzy Tribute

The Council Strikes Again… – #dublincity #culture #stormzy

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A tribute to the British rapper/singer Stormzy has been made along a wall in the eclectic Smithfield area in North Dublin. The piece was created by a street art collective known as Subset ahead of the rapper’s performance in Dublin in 2017.

BP Fallon

Along the side of The Button Factory in the city centre is an impressive portrait of BP Fallon by the street artist Maser. The Irish street artist has other pieces dotted around the city, with powerful words like “U Are Alive” and “I’m a Homebird” emblazoned on them.


The artist Shane Sutton has put his mark on his home city with a number of street art displays, a lot of them featuring a space-inspired theme. This particular piece was commissioned by Dublin City Council and lies along a street off William Street. For this piece, Sutton used a paintbrush as opposed to the traditional spray can. The result is phenomenal and best seen up close!

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