A country renowned for its great quality choice of beers, Berlin is a popular destination for beer lovers from all over the world. With most beers adhering to the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law), you will be spoilt by the sheer number of good quality beers on offer.

From pilsner to white beer, dark beers to sweetened ones, below is a guide to the best beers to fill your stein with on a visit to Berlin.



Germany’s most famous style of beer, Pilsner, often shortened to”Pils”, is known the world over. With its refreshing, light and crisp taste, this beer is not only a favourite among locals but is also shipped abroad to fans. Made with either Saaz hops to make a lighter Pils, or Helles hops for a sharper taste, Pils beer is a great option for those wanting an authentic German-tasting beer.

When in Berlin, try a Berliner Pils at the Berliner Kindl Brauerei.



A malt lager from Bavaria, Märzen is a great beer to try if you are wanting something unique and distinctive. With its rich caramel flavour and crisp finish, you will be tempted to enjoy a few of these sweet beers. Synonymous with Oktoberfest, why not try a Märzen-style beer as part of festivities in Berlin? Alternatively, check out Brauhaus Spandau, a hotel and brewery with its own Märzen brew.



Germany’s wheat-based beer, Weissbier is an ale as opposed to a lager. Often served in a long, tall glass, Weissbier is traditionally golden in colour and produces a foamy white head, perfect for sipping on in the German sun. Popular brands of Weissbier include Paulaner Hefe, Erdinger or Altstadt. Enjoy any of these beers whilst sitting at one of the bars overlooking Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. 



With Dunkel meaning “dark” in English, it is no surprise to hear that Dunkel is a dark lager beer. The beer is typically amber or a dark red colour with a malt base and hints of hops. Have a taste of the popular Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel at Bornholmer Hütte, a gastropub in East Berlin.


Translating as “cellar beer”, Kellerbier is a flatter beer, traditionally brewed in cooler, cellar-like conditions. The result is a cloudy golden beer that has an acquired taste. Willing to give it a go? Grab a bottle of this unique type of beer at Hopfenhelden, Berlin’s popular craft beer shop.

Berliner Weisse


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A fruity, sour beer, Berliner Weisse is sometimes called a “champagne beer” and is a refreshing option in the summer months. Choose your favourite flavour of Berliner Weisse at one of Berlin’s outdoor beer areas, and enjoy the atmosphere. Why not take a visit to Prater Garten, one of Berlin’s oldest beer gardens?


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