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Some holiday-goers may choose their next European destination based on historical sites or sandy beaches, but for foodies, it is all about the best gastronomical experience. Europe is filled with culinary delights, from simple, fresh ingredients in Spain to experimental nouveau cuisine in the UK. Our list of Europe’s 7 best foodie cities below is sure to make you hungry for a holiday!


sardines - lisbon - European Food

Featured in our 10 European Weekend Breaks to Consider for 2018, Lisbon is the perfect destination for those looking for a food-focused holiday. No matter how many times you visit Lisbon, there will always be another foodie spot to explore. Fresh sardines are a favourite fish in Lisbon and are best served grilled outdoors with potatoes and roasted bell peppers and washed down with a glass of Portuguese wine. Check out Taste of Lisboa, a fabulous walking food tour based in the city.

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the kitchin - edinburgh - European Food

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Edinburgh is now a major contender in the European foodie scene. If you are visiting on a Sunday, make sure to stop by Stockbridge Market for a plethora of gourmet food makers at different stalls waiting to be discovered. Make a trip to The Kitchin for modern Scottish cuisine influenced by French cooking techniques.

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Barcelona - Fideua

Barcelona is one of those cities that revolves around food. Many tourists head to this European city for lazy summer days of snacking on tapas and glasses of wine in the sun. Fideuà is a Catalan delicacy worth experiencing (think paella but made with short noodles instead of rice). Fried fish is also a favourite among locals and tourists and is best served washed down with a glass of cava.

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Dublin Bay Prawns - European Food Cities

A boom in the Dublin food scene has led to a whole host of new restaurants popping up in Ireland’s capital. Celebrity chef Rick Stein once said that Dublin Bay prawns were the best in the world and there is a reason for this high acclaim. Experience them for yourself with a chips and a pint of Guinness in many of the city centre pubs. You don’t need to spend a fortune to experience great food in Dublin, with many cafes serving food that is on a par with some of the finest restaurants. Take a look at our 9 Great Brunch Spots in Dublin for some foodie inspiration for your trip.

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Berlin - Bratwurst - European Food -

The Berlin food scene is one that continues to thrive and diversify. That being said, it is still mandatory to try a bratwurst or currywurst on your travels. If you want to truly experience the city’s food scene, you can take a culinary tour with Bite Berlin, a great all-round experience of Berlin’s best food. A supper club tour is also on offer that allows you to travel with other tourists to food markets and then collectively make a meal together with the local produce.

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London - Harwood Arms - European Food -

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London continues to diversify its food selection. Far from the negative connotations of plain British food in the past, London’s time-tested cuisine in traditional pubs along with experimental dishes in the trendiest restaurants will blow you away. Traditional English meals are making a comeback, with the likes of fish and chips, pasties and roast dinners being served with a twist. The Harwood Arms is a perfect example of this type of fine yet playful cuisine, holding the title of the only Michelin Star Pub in London.

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Van Stapele Koekmakerij - Amsterdam - European Food

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Amsterdam’s food experiences come alive down by the canals with street food served throughout the day. Dutch fries are a humble dish but when you try them covered with mayonnaise, onions and peanut sauce you will favour them over any luxurious meal. The Cheese Museum is a must-visit for foodies, giving you an insight into the making of some of the city’s finest cheese. For dessert, make a trip to Van Stapele Koekmakerij, famed for its delicious cookies served fresh from the oven.

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What is your favourite foodie destination in Europe?

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