Whatever type of Europe-based holiday you are dreaming of this year, be it a culture-filled city break or a relaxing sun-drenched beach holiday, budget is bound to be a big part of any plans. However, having a budget needn’t impact your holidays plans and below is a list of tips for a great budget-friendly holiday experience in Europe.

10 Tips for a Budget Holiday in Europe

1 Short and Sweet


Have you ever considered a long weekend break instead of a week away? With fewer days away, your holiday savings will go a lot further. This doesn’t mean a less enjoyable holiday as there are plenty of places in Europe you can explore during a long weekend break. You will also save money on checked luggage as a small case should get you through a weekend with all your essentials. Check out our list of 10 European weekend breaks to consider for 2018.

2 Avoid Peak Seasons

If you can avoid travelling in July and August, you could save yourself a lot of extra spending money. Top European destinations like Barcelona are often cheaper and less busy during the months of May or September, and the weather is often milder and more bearable. This is a great way to spend less time in queues and more time exploring!

Find the latest hotel deals in Barcelona and look forward to memorable experiences embracing the Spanish way of life.

3 Do Your Research

When working with a budget it is important to research all aspects of your holiday. Finding the right place to stay is vital when travelling on a budget. If you’re travelling with kids, take advantage of hotels that offer family rooms. Have a look at our handy travel guide on finding the best hotel deal.

Scour restaurant websites for prices and free events and find out what is happening in the area. It will pay to make a plan for your holiday, but do make sure there is still room for spontaneity!

4 Walk Your Way Through the City


The beauty of walking on holiday is taking your time and enjoying the sites. It is by far the best way to stumble across places and find hidden gems you will remember forever. Amsterdam is a perfect city for getting lost in, where it’s by foot or on a bike. The cobblestone streets and picturesque canals create the perfect backdrop for a walking holiday. When you’re tired of walking, you can settle down at one of the city’s many parks. Vondelpark is a favourite with tourists who like to stop here for a rest and a picnic in the summer months.

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5 Eat Like the Locals


Make sure to embrace the local cuisine on holiday as it can often be a bit cheaper. For instance, in Madrid, a few of you could be eating your way through the tapas menu, indulging in sizzling prawns, patatas bravas and crispy calamari…and maybe  a jug of sangria thrown in!

The French have mastered the art of enjoying luxury items in moderation. Instead of a three-course meal, enjoy local cheese and thick slices of fresh bread, washed down with a glass of wine. This option will be a bit lighter on the pocket without missing out on local delicacies.

Check out our Europe on a Plate section for an idea of what delights you could be eating on holiday.

6 Pick Up the Language

Learning some key phrases can really help with your budget while you are on holiday. Trying out the language could help with spotting affordable restaurants or cheaper shops where you could save money and meet new local friends who may even invite you to their home for dinner!

7 Think Outside the Box

Our minds are often drawn to obvious holiday destinations that can often be expensive for tourists. Why not have a think of some alternative cities to have an adventure in this year? They don’t need to be far away. For instance, Liverpool may not be your first thought when it comes to holidays but a short flight, lots of great tourist spots and friendly locals can make for the perfect budget escape.

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8 Book in Advance

Although you can get lucky and take advantage of last-minute deals, booking in advance allows you to plan out your budget and gives you more opportunity to save spending money for your trip.

9 Hop on the Train


If you’re hoping to tick off more than one country from your bucket list why not look at getting a rail card? An easy and fun way to meet people and travel round Europe is with Europe’s Inter Rail experience. Make up your own route and have an adventure as a solo traveller or with friends.

10 Try a Staycation

Why not ditch the flights and find an adventure closer to home this year? We are often guilty of ignoring the hidden gems that are right here in Ireland. Not only can this make for a cheaper holiday but also a much easier experience for families.

Take inspiration from our guide on Places to Visit in Ireland.

Do you have any tips for holidaying on a budget?

Share your tips for holidaying on a budget in the comment box below.


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