Ireland’s Best Foodie Locations To Try Out

With its combination of traditional foods and international flavours, Ireland is not shy of tasty, adventurous and impressive food experiences. In fact, there are several spots in Ireland where you will literally feel transported to foodie heaven.

Check out the below list for seven of Ireland’s best food experiences.

1 Kinsale, County Cork


A longtime favourite among food lovers, Kinsale is awash with many great restaurants – from steak to seafood eateries. The pretty fishing village is known as the Gourmet Capital of Ireland and attracts hundreds of visitors to Cork.

Kinsale has been hosting its Gourmet Food Festival since the 1970s. The festival showcases food from some of the best culinary restaurants and producers in the area. Festival events include a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a Seafood Spectacular and a variety of different opportunities to taste the best of local and international cuisine in the area.

Visitors to Kinsale can feast on a variety of different foods including some of Ireland’s best lobster, calamari and steak, all washed down with a pint of Guinness or local cider of course! A walk through the village and along Kildare’s stunning Scilly Walk will then ensure you walk off all that feasting.

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2 County Sligo

The Sligo Food Trail has made Sligo an even more popular area for travellers. The trail has a wide variety of unique food and drink experiences, as well as lots of opportunities to soak up the area’s beautiful sights and attractions. From foraging in Sligo’s beautiful countryside to Spanish Pinchos and Tapas in Riverstown, there are endless opportunities to take in Sligo’s terrific food scene and feel a world away from anything else.

In Sligo City and the surrounding area are also plenty of tempting restaurants and cafes to enjoy. In nearby Strandhill, a sleepy surf village, there are a few great places for brunch and stunning sea views. Check out The Draft House for a few craft beers and some tasty pub grub post surf.

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3 Galway City And Surrounding Area


Famous for its annual Oyster Festival, Galway’s food scene has broadened even further to include some of the best of local and international food. In the city are a variety of different cuisines from all over the world, including trendy burger joints, pizzerias and coffee bars. There are also several upmarket restaurants dotted across the city, with A la Carte and world-class menus.

For a taste of Galway’s local delicacies, a trip to one of the quaint pubs located along Galway Bay, where you will be rewarded with stunning views, seafood and an excellent pint of Guinness. In many of the pubs, there is also often live traditional music played – a perfect accompaniment to your tasty feast.

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4 Cong, County Mayo

Nestled between the shores of Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, Cong is an unsung foodie destination that has a lot of treats in-store for the food-inspired traveller. From homemade freshly prepared dishes in some of the village’s favourite restaurants to simple yet flavoursome meals in village’s pubs, there is very much a community spirit behind Cong’s food scene. Grown out of hundreds of years of culinary culture, Cong has become a strong contender on the Irish food map.

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5 Loop Head, County Clare


The Loop Head Peninsula is well known for its wonderful freshly caught seafood, with a local fisherman never far away, and some of the local restaurants more than happy to cook fish caught by customers for a small fee. Crabs claws, oysters, lobster and mackerel are just some of the incredible types of seafood that can be bought or tasted in eateries across the area.

The area also prides itself on its eco-friendly and locally sourced produce. Not only is there the locally caught fish and seafood, but also home-produced meats, organic vegetables, fresh bread and free-range produce on offer. Put it this way, in this part of County Clare, you will never fear of not eating well!

Order a fish and chips to go and take a drive out to Loophead Lighthouse, where impressive views and peaceful moments can be soaked up. Check out our 72-Hour Guide to Clare for more highlights in the area.

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6 Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

Kilkenny is another longstanding favourite when it comes to a diverse and wholesome choice of places to eat. The city has a thriving food scene that includes great gastropubs, mid-range restaurants and even Michelin-starred eateries. Kilkenny is an obvious stop along Ireland’s Ancient East and on a trip to the city, you can partake in a food trail that will introduce you to some of the area’s best producers. From trout farms to veal production, there are many food stories that will fascinate food lovers. In the area are also several cookery skills if you feel up to having a go at preparing your own local dish.

The hashtag #tastekilkenny is evidence of Kilkenny’s vast and thriving food scene and it’s likely that the city will continue to develop its love of food.

Read our 48 Hours in Kilkenny guide for a guide to making the most of your time in the city.

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7 Belfast, County Antrim


Belfast has become a top foodie destination in Ireland (and across Europe) in recent years. The city’s fantastic food tour is a special and memorable way to introduce yourself to the city’s food scene. Taste and Tour offer several tours that will take you through the heart of the city, whilst providing many culinary favourites along the way. One stop on its tour includes a visit to the popular St George’s Market, where local food producers and cooks will give you a wonderful experience of some of Belfast’s best food.

The city is awash with restaurants and cafes to suit most budgets. However, if you are thinking of a special treat then a visit to either of Belfast’s two Michelin restaurants – Deanes and OX – will be a food experience not to forget.

For a special culinary experience amidst sightseeing, a variety of places such as The Merchant, Titanic Belfast and Avoca have wonderful afternoon tea options that will ensure you have plenty of fuel when discovering the city.

Check out our 25 Reasons to Visit Belfast for a Bank Holiday Break and plan a few days in the city this year.

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Have you a favourite foodie destination in Ireland?

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