Ireland is one of the most photogenic spots in the world, with its epic coastlines, rugged countryside, hidden spots and quaint villages providing a perfect setting for avid photographers. From amateur to professional photographers, there are plenty of individuals capturing the heart of Ireland and making travellers excited about discovering more of the Emerald Isle. As you start to plan your time away in the new year, below are 18 Instagram photos that are bound to inspire your travels around Ireland in 2018.

1 Cliff at Lyons, County Dublin

A more obscure part of Ireland, Cliff at Lyons and its beautiful ground have been wonderfully captured by @monikaharmonika and recently shared on Tourism Ireland’s Instagram feed. This magical and lesser-known spot is just one of many hidden spots to explore throughout Ireland.

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2 Waterford Walls, County Waterford

For street art fans, the Instagram account of @JamesEarley, a talented Irish artist, will make you want to get your own Instagram pic of his daring street art that is emblazoned on walls across Ireland. From Belfast to Dublin, Waterford to Limerick, the man knows no bounds when it comes to expressing himself. This shot taken by Earley of a wall he painted in Waterford highlights the endless art that is available to view – free of charge – all over Ireland.

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3 Dublin City, County Dublin

For those wanting to get under the skin of Dublin, this incredible Instagram account will take you to its back streets, quiet corners and more lively spots. If you’ve been to Dublin a few times, the monochrome photos on this account will challenge you to take yourself off the beaten track and right to the heart of the city.

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4 Cruach Mhór, County Kerry

If an open road doesn’t bring out your wanderlust then a rainbow and moody skyline is bound to lure you. This Insta account of RTE video journalist Seán Mac An tSíthigh gives a spectacular perspective of Ireland’s most rugged and otherworldly spots. This particular shot of Cruach Mhór mountain will have you booking a few days of holiday to enjoy Cruach Mhór and beyond.

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Cruach Mhárthain

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5 Galway Bay, County Galway

The west coast of Ireland has so much to boast about and this shot of Galway Bay will have many travellers wanting to discover more of the area. Shot by Galway Tourism’s account, the sunrise over the Bay very much captures the great outdoors and laidback vibes that the wild west offers. Pick a spot overlooking Galway Bay and see if you can capture your own stunning sunset.

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6 Limerick City, County Limerick

@ireland_gram spotted and shared this great shot from @wearetruemedia, a media company based in Limerick. The sun setting over the canoes will no doubt inspire the adventurous types. After a few days of exploring the waters around Limerick, there will be plenty of pubs in Limerick City to go to for a well-deserved pint.

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7 Ross Castle, County Kerry

This shot of the medieval Ross Castle in County Kerry will make you want to visit it and many other castles like it in Ireland. Visit our Historic Ireland pages to discover more about Ross Castle and other castles in Ireland’s four provinces.

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8 Gosford Forest Park, County Armagh

It is hard to believe this place exists, but it does. In this shot, @ga11mck has managed to capture beautifully the precious and mystical side of Gosford Forest Park in County Armagh. A photo like this will make you want to spend your weekend caught up in nature and away from any stresses and strains in life.

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9 Valentia Island, CouNty Kerry

Another stunning spot in Kerry, Valentia Island is a must-see attraction in Ireland. If this photo doesn’t convince you to put the island on your travel list then a search of #ValentiaIsland on Instagram will. One of Ireland’s most westerly points, this is a good place to truly get away from it all.

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10 Fanad Lighthouse, County Donegal

This photo of Fanad Lighthouse will have you wanting to soak up more of delightful Donegal. With its stunning beaches, beautiful walks and friendly locals, Donegal makes for a perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the wondrous sights it affords.

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11 Carrick-a-Rede Ropebridge, County Antrim

The dramatic coastline of the north coast is spectacularly captured in this photo by @tylercollinsphotography via the @DiscoverNI Insta feed. Proving to be one of the most popular spots for visitors in 2017, there’s no doubt that the great north coast will have thousands visiting there again in 2018. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a sight of the Aurora Borealis!

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12 Dublin City, County Dublin

This unique shot of Dublin’s skyline will only make you want to hang out in the city for a couple of days. Make sure to find a rooftop bar to soak up incredible views like this.

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13 Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow

It doesn’t get more rugged than this beautiful shot of a sheep and the Wicklow Mountains in the background. Take a look at our 10 Reasons to Visit Wicklow if you’re not already packing your bags after seeing this photo. The area is pouring over with wondrous views, adventure and lots of time to kick back and relax.

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Wicklow this evening

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14 Dark Hedges, County Antrim

The atmospheric Dark Hedges is now an iconic and well-photographed spot in Ireland, shot by hundreds of photographers from around the world. This image by photographer Conor MacNeil really captures the mood and mystery of the popular tourist site. Make sure to come during the week when traffic is lighter and you can take a few moments to properly soak up the Hedges.

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15 Connemara, County Galway

Connemara’s beautiful landscape attracts the adventurous and those looking to get away from it all. As shown in this photo, Connemara has a rugged and otherworldly quality that would almost make you feel that you’ve stepped back in time. The area is like no other and is best explored over a few days.

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16 River Slaney, County Wexford

The beautiful landscape of County Wexford will provide days of exploring. In this photo @wander_far has provided a wonderful perspective of County Wexford and what one can look forward to on a visit there.

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17 Devenish Island, County Fermanagh

The historical and breathtaking Devenish Island is definitely somewhere to visit when in the north of Ireland. In the 6th Century, the island was occupied by monks, then Vikings several hundred years later. It’s a site that holds tremendous historical value for Ireland and is undoubtedly somewhere to take your camera. Christopher Hill, a photographer for Tourism Northern Ireland and National Geographic, has beautifully captured the island in his photo below.

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18 Eyeries Village, Beara Peninsula, County Cork

Another image from photographer Christopher Hill, the photo below is a wonderful example of the quaint and colourful houses that lie within the Beara Peninsula in County Cork. Stay in a quaint hotel here then spend time checking out the village’s quaint and cosy shops and pubs.

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