Come the new year, many of us will be considering a weekend break to tide us over until summer, and in Europe, there are many great destinations that will see us through until the brighter months. Whether it’s some spring sunshine or a cosy getaway earlier in the year, there are plenty of great places to kick back, relax and enjoy across Europe. With that in mind, below is a list of 10 great European weekend breaks to consider in 2018.

1 Lisbon, Portugal


Voted Best City Weekend Destination at the World Travel Awards, Lisbon is a city that will provide endless activities, as well as many opportunities to recharge those batteries. From its luxurious to more laid-back hotels, you won’t be pushed to find a restful stay in the city and, after a day of exploring its steep cobblestone steps, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars to end your day at. There is also the option of taking a day trip out to the stunning palaces of Sintra or the city is close to many fantastic beaches if you’re looking for a super-relaxed break.

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2 The Cotswolds, England


The Cotswolds is one of England’s most popular getaways all year round but in winter, the area becomes even more magical and inviting. Cosy cottages and hotels provide the perfect setting for a very chilled weekend away. Based in the countrysides of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, The Cotswolds provides plenty of long walks that will blow any cobwebs left over from overindulging during the festive season. What’s more, there are a variety of thatched pubs to grab a lunch or dinner in after a day of walking.

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3 Amsterdam, Holland


Amsterdam makes for a wonderful getaway any time of year, its picturesque streets, boutique shops, cute bars and cafes providing hours of pleasant ambling. The city also offers some of Europe’s most loved museums, including the famous Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank’s house and Rijksmuseum, among many others. After a day of exploring the city, find a cosy bar to enjoy a Heineken, or if visiting in spring or summer, head to Amsterdam Nord, where man-made beaches provide the perfect setting for chilled out sundowners.

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4 Kraków, Poland


An increasingly popular city break, Krakow is especially attractive come winter, when the city’s old town is filled with market stalls and pretty lighting, not to mention the crisp wintry feels. Visitors to Kraków are overwhelmed by the sheer simplicity and charm that the city affords, its beautiful architecture and intriguing history providing much to talk about as you sit in its quaint (and very reasonably priced) restaurants and bars in the evening.

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5 Berlin, Germany


Many who visit Berlin are instantly won over by the city’s diversity and intrigue. From gritty street art-lined walls to the historic ruins of the Berlin wall, there is so much to explore and understand on a visit to Berlin. Many would say the city is best explored on foot, stopping at hipster coffee shops and fascinating museums along the way. Now very much a multicultural city, Berlin has endless places to end your day at, be it a rooftop bar or a restaurant overlooking one of its vibrant streets.

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6 Mallorca, Spain


For anyone desperate for sun, the island of Mallorca is a great destination for those wanting to soak up some vital vitamin D. Based along the Mediterranean, the island’s city of Palma and smaller inlets and villages provide endless spots to feast on culture, food and sun. You won’t be amiss for something to do in Mallorca with its abundance of watersports and outdoor activities. For those less enthused about an active holiday, there is always the sea or pool to lie by. Put it this way, the island’s tasty food, sparkling waters and picturesque landscape will do wonders for your soul.

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7 Bruges, Belgium


If you’re looking for somewhere different in 2018 then the city of Bruges might be just for you. The magical medieval town will transport you to another world with its cobbled lanes, pretty canals and historic buildings. The city is best visited in winter when the streets aren’t overrun with tourists, or in spring when the daffodils are in full bloom and fewer crowds visit. However, whichever time of year you decide to come to Bruges, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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8 Donegal, Ireland


With over 10.65 million visitors reported to visit Ireland in 2017*, it’s fair to say that there is much to see and do on the island – either north or south. For any local, the rugged and unspoiled area of Donegal is a popular choice for a weekend break and it’s sure to remain popular in 2018 with the Irish Golf Open hitting the county’s town of Ballyliffen in 2018. What’s more, there are several great villages including Dunfanaghy, Rathmullan and Donegal Town where a quiet pint of Guinness and a beautiful meal can be enjoyed.

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*Statistics from Tourism Ireland report, December 2017.

9 Paris, France


Paris may be an oldie but it’s still a goodie and, come February, it’s the ultimate break for couples or singles wanting to be romanced. Whether it’s a wander through the incredible Notre Dame or La Louvre, a cycle along the city’s river banks and down narrow streets, or simply sitting with a coffee at a corner cafe, Paris never ceases to impress. The city also has a good variety of eateries, where famous French wine, fresh bread and a whole spread of local and international cuisine can be devoured. 

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10 Ibiza, Spain


Not just for party animals, Ibiza has long been a welcome retreat for those looking to escape their 9 to 5 and get away from it all. In the northwest of the island, visitors are spoiled by the quieter beaches and more chilled-out vibes compared to the livelier southern part of the island. And, should you feel up to joining a party for the night, then there is always the option of splitting your weekend between north and south.

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Where is your favourite weekend getaway in Europe?

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