There aren’t many places you can travel to in the world without coming across an Irish pub. What is surprising is when you find an Irish pub in the most far-flung place or unique spot. As International Beer Day approaches, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 20 of the most unusual and unexpected places to find an Irish pub. Perhaps you would like to make it your mission to visit some of them. If so, happy travels and safe drinking!

20 Irish Pubs in Surprising Locations Around the World

1. Dublin Pub, Ushuaia, Argentina

Often described as ‘the end of the world’, it is hard to believe that Ushuaia would have an Irish pub located in it, but it does! Right at the heart of this remote setting at the most southern part of South America lies Dublin Pub, probably one of the most unexpected places to find an Irish pub. However, with Ushuaia being the last port of call for trips out to Antarctica, perhaps a swift pint of Guinness or hot Irish whiskey is just what an avid adventurer is after!

2. Dublin Irish Pub, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Supposedly the first Mongolian Irish pub, the Dublin Irish Pub is a favourite of locals and those spending time in the city of Ulaanbaatar during a trip to Mongolia. The pub may not be the most authentic pub but it definitely deserves some bonus points for serving Guinness and displaying Irish memorabilia.

3. Grace Kelly’s Irish Pub, Kuta Beach, Bali

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Grace Kelly’s really goes the extra mile when it comes to providing a traditional Irish pub atmosphere in the most unlikely of places. Set along the beach, the pub has live traditional music sessions, Irish pub grub and even Guinness on tap – a great find for any expats or holidaymakers looking for a taste of home or a bit of the ‘craic’.

4. Shamrock Bar, Medellin, Colombia

Even with its tumultuous past, the city of Medellin has managed to establish an Irish pub in its pretty area of El Poblado. The Shamrock Pub is a great find and especially on St. Patrick’s day when the pub comes alive with backpackers and locals dancing to traditional Irish tunes.

5. The Dubliner, La Paz, Bolivia

One of the highest Irish pubs in the world, The Dubliner attracts locals and travellers keen to sample a traditional Irish pub. It may be a long way away from any Dublin City pub; however, with its pub grub, lively music and swift pints, The Dubliner manages to fill up draw in the crowds like any typical Irish pub would.

6. Oh Neil’s, Kampot, Cambodia

Known for its lively atmosphere and for being a hit with backpackers, Oh Neil’s is rarely o be empty. Based along the river in Kampot, Cambodia, the pub is an idyllic setting for a pint and chill (at least until the dance floor starts filling up in the evening).

7. Irish Pub, Namche Bazar, Nepal

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When seeing the words, ‘There are no strangers here – only friends who haven’t met’ emblazoned across the wall of this remote Irish Pub in deeper Nepal, one can at least feel the warmth and hospitality that is typical of an authentic Irish pub. With its tri-colour shots and walls filled with Irish memorabilia, it is certainly somewhere to celebrate after a climb up nearby Mount Everest.

8. O’Hagan’s Pub, Lusaka, Zambia

Stepping into O’Hagan’s you would almost think you were back in the emerald isle. This Irish pub is as authentic as they come with live Irish sport being played on the big screen, a strong selection of beers and a lively atmosphere. Step outside, however, and the Zambian heat might just bring you back to reality!

9. Bubble’s O’Leary’s Irish Pub, Uganda

Bubble’s O’Leary’s is quite a find in the bustling streets of Kampala, Uganda. What is even more intriguing is the fact that the pub’s owner managed to source furniture within the pub from a pub that was being closed down in County Louth back in Ireland.

10. O’Toole’s Irish Pub, Honolulu, Hawaii

Surfing and Irish pubs don’t generally tend to go together but O’Toole’s is clearly making this dream a reality. The laid-back pub’s wide whiskey selection and regular traditional live music sessions – teamed with American-themed evenings – put this pub on a power with some of the best international Irish pubs.

11. The Irish Pub, Faroe Islands

It may not be as far away from Ireland as the Irish pubs mentioned above but this Irish pub location could certainly be one of the most remote. Based on the Faroe Islands, The Irish Pub (that is its proper name) is a favourite among locals and certainly has the look and feel of a traditional Irish pub.

12. Paddy’s Irish Bar, Cusco, Peru

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Situated near Machu Picchu and in the historic city of Cusco, the Irish-owned Paddy’s Irish Bar could seem very out of place but, judging by its stream of followers, the pub seems to be making its own mark on the city. This might have something to do with it claiming to be the highest Irish pub in the world at 11, 156 feet!

13. Pog Mahones, Queenstown, New Zealand

The setting of Pog Mahones couldn’t be more epic. The pub overlooks stunning Lake Wakatipu and the snow-capped mountains of Ben Lomand in the distance. As far as remote Irish pubs go, it is definitely up there. The pub certainly does its best to bring Ireland to New Zealand with its live traditional music sets, Irish stew and great selection of beers and whiskies to choose from.

14. The Irish Village, Dubai

Dubai has not only one but two Irish Village pubs. The popular bar complex is often filled with holiday-goers and expats keen to have a lively and memorable night. St Patrick’s Day can be incredibly busy and it is certainly the place to be on March 17th if in Dubai.

15. O’Malley’s, Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has at least five Irish pubs in Baku, its capital city, and O’Malley’s is just one of them. The pub has Irish-related sport fixtures shown regularly and even has a proper Sunday roast dinner made available on occasions. And, of course, a pint of Guinness takes pride of place on the bar’s counter.

16. Murphy’s, Osaka, Japan

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More than halfway across the world from a pub in Ireland, Murphy’s still manages to replicate the typical Irish pub with its generous pints, pub grub and regular live music. It couldn’t be more different to other bars in Osaka but locals and visitors can’t get enough of this Irish pub.

17. Silver’s Irish pub, Moscow, Russia

Yes, even with its devotion to Vodka, Russia is happy to have a whiskey and Guinness fueled Irish pub. In fact, Silver’s Irish pub often packs in crowds fond of the pub’s different beers, live sport and hearty food menu.

18. Tir Na Nog, Lambok, Indonesia

This Irish pub in Indonesia has a strong following that is probably down to the pub putting on regular live music and injection of Irish fun on evenings throughout the week. Locals and travellers can’t get enough of the lively beats and great craic at this modest pub on one of most idyllic islands in Indonesia.

19. The Bog, Dunedin, New Zealand

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Another New Zealand find, The Bog is named after the traditional Irish Bogs that store peat used to heat up Irish homes. The pub hosts poker night, live sports matches on TV and pours a decent Guinness for somewhere so far away from the home of the Black Stuff.

20. O’Driscoll’s, Cape Town, South Africa

With its impressive bright green exterior, O’Driscoll’s will certainly surprise anyone that sets eyes on it. The fact it is based within a city that is home to Table Mountain, it makes sense that the Irish pub is doing everything it can to stand out. Visit here for a well-deserved pint after climbing the mountain and, who knows, you might even have it in you to do an Irish jig!

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