Over the past 12 months we’ve sent bloggers from Ireland, UK and Canada on a sporting adventure as they explore some of the most unique sporting experiences across Europe.  From introducing bloggers to the Gaelic Games of Gaelic Football and Hurling, to Shinty in Scotland and Handball in Berlin, these European sporting breaks have provided great insight into some of the lesser known sports around Europe.  Our latest sporting trip involved Janet Newenham, an award winning Irish travel blogger from Journalist on the Run.  Back at the beginning of 2016, Janet visited Oslo in Norway to try her hand at the sport of Bandy.  Similar to Ice Hockey, the closet most Irish travellers will have gotten to playing Bandy would be a game of Hurling or Camogie on a cold, snow covered pitch in winter (sounds nice doesn’t it).

Janet made the short trip out of the centre of Oslo to the Ullevaal Bandy Club for a training session with the senior men’s team.  Unfortunately for Janet the weather was against her and with excess snow the training was called off (something which can be common in Bandy with heavy snow).  Unlike Ice Hockey, Bandy is an outdoor sport which is totally at the hands of the elements and when it snows heavy, there is very little Bandy played.  Janet returned the next day and got put through her paces and got to meet some former Norwegian Bandy players as well as watching the stars of tomorrow take to the ice.  Bandy is the second most popular winter sport in Norway with plans to become a Winter Olympic’s sporting event in the future.

You can watch the video below to see how Janet got on, and for more information on watching a Bandy game when visiting Norway, or to try the sport out for yourself, visit www.bandyforbundet.no.

To find out more about Oslo, check out Janet’s guide to visiting Oslo on a budget, which you can read here.


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