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When I’m travelling, food is an important part of my trip, and I usually do a lot of research before I go so that I have several exciting restaurants to try out when I arrive at the destination.

I’m now working in collaboration with Expedia, where I’ll tell you about unique food experiences in Stockholm. The title of this blog post actually reveals my tip – you’ll get to read more about Rosendals Trädgård later in the blog post. If you follow this (hyperlink to Expedia’s website) link you’ll find more tips on unique food experiences from bloggers across Europe. My advice is to check out this website if you are about to go travelling for inspiration on unique food experiences that you can try out yourself.


I take walks around Djurgården and look at the flowers – as I have done pretty much all my life. I grew up quite close to Djurgården, so I’ve spent half my childhood out here. When I started to think about it, all these beautiful memories came back to me and it almost brought a tear to my eye. All the picnics with my family, all the playdates with my friends, school trips, drinking beer, walks. OK, maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but to me it is. So I would urge everyone to go to Djurgården. It’s free, it’s beautiful and if the weather is nice – as it was on this day – it’s quite magical.


THE FLOWERS! Now it is spring.

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The climbing tree. It’s so beautiful and easy to climb. I’ve also climbed this tree as an adult. A lot of fun.


I had a goal while I was here – my goal was to visit Rosendals Trädgård. Rosendal!! This little oasis in Djurgården. Although, it is a bit expensive. If you are on a budget you can just bring a sandwich, buy a coffee and sit under the apple trees. This is the beautiful house located just next door and in front of which vines grow.

When I was 14 years old I had the chance to do work experience at Rosendal. I remember it so well. I picked nettles, baked bread and cakes, cooked jams and made pesto. I think it was here that my interest in food developed. It was here I realised that this was something I wanted to do for real. So Rosendal has a big place in my heart.


Rosendal has several greenhouses. I LOVE GREENHOUSES. They’re hot, sticky and full of beautiful plants.


Rosendal is a garden market where you can buy all kinds of flowers, seeds, trees, vegetables and fruits – everything that grows. It is wonderful!

Pansies, as you see in the picture, are even possible to eat. You can spread it on your sandwich or put it in your pasta or soup.



The inside of the plant shop looks like this. You can buy herbs to include in your healthy lifestyle.


This is the grocery store. How nice! Here you’ll find books along with breads, jams, cookies, crackers, pesto and juice – all the best things to eat.


You can also buy tasty buns.


Delicious bread that is baked in the bakery just behind the store.


The processing plant is located just next door, so this really is locally produced. All picked and grown around or at Rosendal.


From the terrace you can see the four large greenhouses: one where the kitchen is, one where you can sit and eat, one is a plant shop and one is a cultivation greenhouse. LOOK AT THE WEATHER!


Mangold – so tasty if you fry it in butter.


I had lunch with my beloved Dad. Daddy loves cod, so he ate cod with mashed potatoes, butter and capers for lunch.


I love potatoes, leeks and sour cream, so I had the potato and leek soup with crème fraîche, and a slice of bread with a little butter. Hehe!


I drank lemonade with a very suitable name – Sunshine. I love that the spring is here now!


And then we walked home in the sunshine. Here is Djurgårdsbron, which is my favourite bridge. For those of you who have not yet visited Rosendal, it’s my hot tip if you are in Stockholm. It really is a little hidden gem, where you can eat good, organic food surrounded by stunning flowers.


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