The Fortified town in Fredrikstad is definitively one of Østfold’s best hidden gems – perhaps Norway’s too! The great atmosphere of this Old Town is surrounded by old, traditional houses and shops, where both the locals and tourists meet. Having many locals actually living in this area gives the place an authenticity typical tourist places lack.

The Fortified town was established already in 1567 by King Frederik II, and it is assumed to be the best preserved Old Town in the Nordics. If you see this intriguing place from above, you’ll see that the town itself is shaped as a star with moats on one side, and the end of the river Glomma on the other.

Getting there you can take the car through the cobbled streets all the way down to the Fortified town or you can take the boat from the Fredrikstad side of the river, only a few minutes’ walk from the train station. Here you can enjoy a ferry ride from early morning until late evening, free of charge. When in the Old Town, you can walk around on the ramparts before visiting the nice little stores and local diners. There are also some perfect places on the ramparts to bring children and feed the ducks. But take note, these areas are well marked, so just look after the duck signs and follow them. My favorite cafe in the Old Town is definitely “Mormors” (Translation: “Grandmothers”)! It is always very nice to visit this café and it gives a kind of local neighborhoody vibe. Although we have to drive several miles to get there – they have great food, great cakes and lovely atmosphere.

At “Mormors” you´ll find all kinds of people. Everything from families with children, artists, elderly couples and ladies on tour.

Camilla Olsen and Torleif Hvalgård have run “Mormors” for the past seven years. Torleif is the head chef and Camilla is the baker. When it comes to baking and cooking, they have had a long lasting agreement that everything they serve is to be made from scratch and with organic and local ingredients.

– Because of our cooking philosophy we always know exactly what we serve, everything to the smallest ingredient, they say.

Besides their delicious sandwiches, salads and pastries, they always serve a soup of the day that is to die for.

Camilla insists that she definitely was no baker when they took over “Mormors”, which in turn led to many long hours trying to master the craftsmanship that baking is. The hard work has definitely paid off though, now more than ever “Mormors” is widely known for its delicious cakes!

When the summer arrives “Mormors” adapts to the nice weather and sea breeze by setting tables out on the street in front of their establishment and inside their very own, cozy backyard. Having that said, it is not only at “Mormors” they adjust for summer. With new curious visitors arriving daily, every Saturday during the warmest months of the year there is a big market in the Market Square of the Fortified town. Here anyone can rent an open spot and bring new and old things they wish to sell.

Address to the “Mormors” is Raadhusgaten 18A, Fredrikstad.

You can also read more about “Mormors” here:


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