Every time we tell our friends about our trip to Palermo, it seems live again every moment of that wonderful weekend. As we often say, this Sicilian city is unique and really intense. Scents, architecture, people and food make Palermo a magical and unforgettable city.

In our opinion, the best way to visit a new city is to be guided by those who can make us live as people who really live in that city. During our trips, there is no room for touristic places or the more trendy spots of the moment, we want to live as only the “locals” know how to do and enjoy 100% the traditions of the city.

A part from seeing the famous Ballarò market, the Cappella Palatina, Piazza Marina and at the Quattro Canti (Palermo city center), you absolutely must find a moment for food – which is really extraordinary. You cannot miss I Cuochini: this is where the true “local people” come to satisfy their hunger. This rotisserie is located in an inner courtyard at number 68 of Via Ruggero Settimo, just between the Teatro Massimo and the Teatro Politeama.

The first quality guarantee is the constant queue of people waiting for their turn to order all kinds of delicacy. You will listen to people talking to each other in the local Palermo’s dialect, exchanging tips, opinions and greetings. The menu is for all budgets: in this gastronomic home-made shop, lovers of “fast food” and traditional cuisine will be absolutely delighted. Once you pass the queue and reach the counter (where you can see the chefs at work) it starts the moment of true ecstasy and indecision: panzerotti, focaccia, arancini with meat, timballetti, meat skewers… that you’ll immediately love! The bright side is that you can find all the classical dishes of Palermo’s rotisserie but in a smaller format, so you can have more than a taste … or at least it’s what we’ve done!

The specialty that we more liked is the Panzerotto with buffalo mozzarella, anchovies and cherry tomatoes. While the unique specialty produced only by I Cuochini is a pastry filled with meat. This is the oldest product in the shop, and it’s a shortcrust pastry cookie with sweet pastry filled  with beef, tomato sauce and a mix of spices typical of the Sicilian tradition.

We can guarantee that this place is really unique, and you cannot say you’ve been in Palermo if have not been there at least once! We would like to book a flight and run to I Cuochini to order a tray of fried specialty.

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We hope we’ve made you want this wonderful city, and maybe we’ll meet in the streets of Palermo or in queue at I Cuochini.

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