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Germans only eat Schnitzel and drink beer whenever they can – that’s obviously the cliché around the world about our local diet. Even if we all know that that’s not true: Sometimes it can be just exactly like that. Traditionally German and substantial, corresponding to the custom. Beer and Schnitzel simply belong to Germany like Pizza to Italy – probably no one would disagree.

If you want to eat traditional German food while in Stuttgart, enjoy a good beer alongside and do all this in a rustic yet representable ambience, you should visit Carls Brauhaus at Schlossplatz. They serve Schnitzel in the way it should be in a refreshing Wirtshaus atmosphere.

Carls Brauhaus

Stauffenbergstraße 1

70173 Stuttgart

0711 25974611

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Tradition meets Revolution: The Maultasche

What had to be prepared in the past in time consuming, manual work by Traudl in the kitchen is nowadays served in a snack box in no time from a food truck. Or it will be served in different variations by Lucy with the tattooed arms. Well, times are changing. But the taste stays the same!

I am talking about the Herrgottsbscheißerle – among non-Swabians widely known as Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli). And even if we don’t have to hide our consumption of meat anymore during Lent (and there’s only a tiny little bit inside), some traditions just stay the same. We Swabians love Maultaschen and we eat them together with the butcher’s family out of the big cooking pot with the steaming broth, as well as on the move in between dates and to-do-lists in the office.

A lunch box filled with the Swabian speciality, paired with Swabian potato salad and a coke. And as encore we tend to have an extra spoon of gravy on top. The Fritten (fries) from Stuttgart and the local area really need to swim! Or do I prefer Maultasche in a pretzel roll? We Swabians simply love combining our preferences and invite you all to taste this fusion of good, German things. We’ll see you at Kronprinzenstraße 24 in Stuttgart – and then it’s simply “I LOVE MAULDASCH!”

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Kalter Hund (cold dog) on the plate? Or Falscher Hase (fake rabbit) in the pan? Aubi in the glass? Sounds a bit like code language. But in fact these are all East German dishes that were served in the GDR – and I have no clue what they are. A real good reason to go on a culinary time journey! Berlin is not only the hip creative capital, but also the perfect place to experience some German-German history. In the Volkskammer in the eastern part of the city, one can dive into pleasantly laid-back Ostalgie (eastalgia = nostalgia + East German lifestyle): The interior throws you back into the 70s and 80s, down-home, good and solid food like Shopska salad is being served – which was adopted from the socialist neighbors – Eisbein or Ketwurst, the East German hot dog which is served with tomato sauce instead of American ketchup. In short: An overall experience without tons of other tourists.


Straße der Pariser Kommune 18b

10243 Berlin

030 20687549

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