Unique food places in my city # 1

The two most unique eateries in Copenhagen according to me? That was, what I was asked to consider, and then you can probably just imagine how my Copenhagen-brain has been working overtime! The occasion is that I have been chosen as an ambassador for Expedia, focusing on the most unique food places in various countries worldwide. I have been chosen as the only ambassador of Denmark, so of course I want to show you just the right places.

So here it goes! Maybe I’m biased, but I think my very own local area around Nordre Frihavnsgade in the Eastern part of town is something unique, which I will highlight in this post. It’s just the epitome of local! The combination of shawarma and burger joint right next to the organic butcher, French cheese man, fruit and greengrocer Kervan, wine shop by the name Truffle Pigs and the fish man “Odin” whom provides long queues and jovial atmosphere every Saturday morning, when everyone is out buying herring and cod for their Saturday dinner table – well, I think it’s just so delightful!

In addition there are also several cafes in the area, which make my everyday life as “home working” with a penchant for something delicious much better, cozier and more efficient. For example Kagestuen 43 where I like to go in the morning for a great cup of coffee, a nib of chocolate and humming “holiday mood”. In here you will always find people who read the newspaper, friends who brunch or have a small informal meeting – and for some reason I work perfectly in just this casual setup. Stable Internet, electrical outlets and a few high tables makes it certainly no less comfortable. It’s quite simple the office out of home at its best!

On days when I get out the door a little late, I often go to a place where I can get a big bowl of vegetables and energy. And the amazing thing is that now this ultra delicious healthy place just opened in the area, on Melchior’s Plads. Souls is the name. I have long sought for delicious bowls in Copenhagen, and damned if we do not now have it with this new place. It’s so cool! I am also completely captivated by sweet potato, and their bowl and sandwiches with this root vegetable – Yum! This is clearly to be my new hangout in the future – there is namely also plenty of space for both my computer, and me and now Østerbro has everything one could wish for. This hidden gem is a must try!

Follow the next blog post where I will share unique food places in my city # 2…


Unique food places in my city # 2

Torvehallerne makes me glad. Glad with food!

As an ambassador for Copenhagen for Expedia, Torvehallerne is a place I cannot avoid sharing with you. As previously mentioned, the Nordre Frihavnsgade area in Østerbro is easily overseen, but Torvehallerne is quite the opposite and I must say that my choice of dining out # 2 is somewhat more obvious. Surely there can´t be many Copenhageners (if any) who does not know of this location.

I remember well when Torvehallerne came to town in 2011. In the beginning, many locals were disappointed with the concept, price levels and so on. Many had perhaps imagined it a bit cheaper, but Torvehallerne has over the years shown that they have their own special character. Life in and around the halls has become so varied and exuberant, and I must admit that today I could not even imagine (gastronomic) life in Copenhagen without the many stalls and their to die for commodities.

I spend much time here, and I feel relaxed. Among the fish that smells like fish now should (the big fish cakes from Boutique Fisk never disappoints), cakes baked with tenderness in Café Rosa (there’s just no one who bakes heavy grandmother buns and cakes with cardamom as here), fruits and vegetables that shine in just the right way, tapas are served at the bar, tea weighed from Tante T, spices imported from the best organic quality from India and prepared at Asa, juice squeezed and shaked at Vita Boost, fresh basil from the herbal shop, classic Danish open sandwiches from Hallernes Smoerrebrod, gourmet cheese from Arla Unika or more alternative lunch from Paleo, porridge or a plate of tapas from Hija De Sanchez or food truck Yuca Taco. Small stalls each with its own focus and niche product.

And then there are the fresh special flowers. My oh my are they something. “Blogger Flowers” was the expression I heard from Stalks & Roots when I was there with the camera crew. And the term makes sense in a mysterious way. There are so many photogenic ones you wont believe it.

The best of it all is that when the weather is just fairly ok, you can shop around your favourite places, take all sorts of goodies with you and make a huge potluck with friends at one of the many benches outside on the square. That is Danish “hygge” at its best!

When I walk in here, it is only the two of us. Me and Torvehallerne. And my gastronomic heart start racing!



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