How is it that the build up to a relaxing holiday can be so stressful?

Booking the flights, packing, planning, not forgetting anything and actually getting to the plane on time can be a nightmare!

Spare yourself any extra headaches by getting travel baggage right. If you don’t know the rules, you might find yourself delayed and paying extra.

Stick to these tips and you’ll breeze through the airport. Even the heaviest of bags won’t be a burden!

Choose Strong but Lightweight

If you buy heavy luggage, you’ll be left with a smaller weight allowance for your actual belongings. The lighter the better – especially on budget airlines with their famously measly weight allowance.

Invest in Something Memorable

It’s good to have something that stands out on the luggage carousel so nobody accidentally walks off with your case! You might want to pick a distinctive colour or add a stand-out luggage tag.

Your Allowance might Change Based on Your Class

It’s a good idea to weigh your bags to make sure you don’t go over your luggage allowance. It will usually be printed on your ticket documents.

Remember that the weight allowance will vary depending on whether you’re flying economy, business or first class.

Arrive Early if You’re Checking in Luggage

If you’ve got luggage to check in, it can add an extra hour to the process, so get there early! It can be a slow and frustrating trial at the best of times, so why add to the stress by running late?

Whenever possible, check-in online. Printing out your tickets at home or using the airline’s app on your smartphone is usually much more efficient.

You’ll be able to go to a separate ‘Luggage Drop’ queue which is often much faster than the regular check-in queue. 

Don’t have a Hand Luggage Blunder!

If you want to get through security quickly, make sure you know what’s allowed in your hand luggage. Triple check before leaving the house – especially if you have a handbag with hidden compartments!


  • Bottles have to be 100ml or smaller. It doesn’t matter how much liquid there is. They will take it off you. Even your favourite perfume!
  • You’ll need to remove jewellery, coats, belts, hats, boots, bulky shoes and things from your pockets such as loose change.
  • Keep all electronics in the same place so you can remove them from your bag quickly when asked.

Hand Luggage Size and Weight 

Don’t try and sneak an oversized bag onto the plane! You might be caught out and be asked to pay a small fortune. If you need to, pay for additional luggage space when you’re booking your flight. It’ll ends up being more affordable in the long run.

If you are unsure about your airline’s allowances, Expedia created this handy interactive guide of baggage rules for the most popular airlines. The guide gives you everything you need to know about the number, size and weight of luggage allowed with the individual airline.

Also remember, some airlines allow passengers to carry certain small items on the plane, such as a laptop or DSLR camera so bear that in mind and check with your airline before flying.

If you’re struggling for space, you can always purchase something in Duty Free and transfer some of your belongings into your Duty Free carrier bag.

Note: This doesn’t work in the USA as your Duty Free purchases are automatically taken off you for collection when boarding.


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