Choose a Package

Rather than buying flights and hotels separately, Online Travel Agencies like Expedia can offer package pricing (when purchasing flight + hotel together) that will save you money (compared to booking separately).

How Does It Work?

Expedia negotiates special rates with hotels and airlines, but these exclusive rates do not appear when searching for flights and hotels separately nor do they appear on price comparison websites. The discounts are only available when purchasing flight + hotel together.

How to Find the Best Deal

  • Booking a long haul (6+ hour) flight + hotel as a package can create great savings on hotels equal to free hotel nights.
  • A longer stay (7+ nights) with a short haul (flight within Europe) can create package savings that equate to the cost of the flight.
  • Stays of 3+ nights will typically feature better package savings vs 2 night trips.
  • Know when to find the best bargains – mark these travel sale dates in your calendar for the best deals:
    • Winter sales start Dec 1 and run through the end of February
    • January sales to beach destinations for summer travel run through the end of February
    • Spring sales start in March and run through the end of May
    • Summer sales start end of May and run through the end of August
    • Autumn sales start early Sept and run through the end of Octobe
  • The day of the week you buy is a factor in determining price on an airline ticket. Previously, Tuesday has been suggested as the best day to buy, by a small margin. A recent study by Expedia and ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) found that, on average, weekends are the best time to find great deals.

Weekday Travel

It’s natural to include the weekend in our travel plans, but travelling on a weekday can net serious savings!

For Europe to North America routes, flying on a weekend often incur flight surcharges and it’s possible that a Friday to Sunday trip could cost £40 more in fees than a Thursday to Monday trip. Avoid the weekend if you can, and you can add to your holiday spending money!

The Extra Benefits

People search an average of 48 times on eight websites before booking a flight. Purchasing your trip as a package can reduce your so-called ‘look-to-book ratio’ saving you time and energy. Expedia also serves as customers’ personal travel concierge delivering different types of push notifications with up-to-the-minute trip details and travel alerts.

Feel Secure with Package Protection

Expedia package customers are also entitled to added protection for their travel. When customers purchase flight + hotel on the same booking through Expedia, Expedia provides travel agent protection in line with current European regulations (this protection may not be available to travellers when they purchase flight and hotel separately).


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