Holidays are supposed to be about relaxation and having fun. But a sunhat isn’t the only cover you should be considering.

If anything goes wrong, it’s a relief to know that an insurance company will be there to help so getting Travel Insurance right is crucial.

1. Always Read the Small Print

Travel insurance policies contain exclusions, so it’s vital to find out what these are. Claims can be rejected if the policy holder has not taken reasonable care. So claiming for an accident after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will most likely be rejected.

Terms & Conditions may never win The Booker Prize, but they are essential reading.

2. Don’t be Swayed by Price

We all love a deal, but a cheap policy that doesn’t cover your needs is a false economy. Search price comparison websites to find the policy that is tailored to you at the best price.

3. Are You on an Adventure Sports Holiday?

Lying on the beach isn’t for everyone. So if you’re a thrill seeker who enjoys anything from skiing to bungee jumping, you should check that your policy covers these ‘hazardous’ activities. Generally, you’ll have to pay extra to be covered.

4. Check Your Geography

Are Turkey and Egypt in Europe? The answer may seem obvious but some insurers include these destinations under European cover, while others do not. Worldwide cover doesn’t always include the USA, Canada and the Caribbean either.

Don’t assume you’ve got the same atlas as the insurance company! Check before you travel.

5. Don’t Buy Twice!

Honestly, it happens! Many ‘premium’ bank accounts come with travel insurance built in, so make sure you don’t end up buying another policy you don’t need. Most insurance policies state that if cover is provided by another insurance product and a claim is made, each insurer would only pay their share of the claim.


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