One of Ireland’s most important ancient locations, Navan Fort in County Armagh is the former seat of the High Kings of Ulster, and the ancient capital of the province. Navan Fort was central to a larger complex that included several ancient sites, many of which you can explore in greater detail today at Navan Centre.

The area was home to the famous Red Branch Knights and is also linked to ancient mythical characters including Cu Chulainn, King Conor McNessa and Queen Maeve. Today the fort is a mix of mounds, ditches and banks, providing great views over Armagh and an area that will offer you a great appreciation for those who went before us.

Navan Centre offers a great visitor experience that shares the history of this landscape and the story of Navan Fort, with exhibitions and interactive shows, sharing the story of yesteryear, providing something for all of the family to enjoy.

Enjoy the stories of the myths and legends that helped shape the land, and the tales of the Ulster Cycle, and witness characters from the Iron Age be brought back to life as you get a great insight into Early Christian life in Ulster.

Image © Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council

Navan Fort
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