The second oldest operational lighthouse in the world, and the “granddaddy of lighthouses” according to Lonely Planet, Hook Head Lighthouse is one of Wexford’s most iconic tourist attractions, and one of the most fascinating examples of Medieval Ireland architecture. Purpose built over 800 years ago, this lighthouse is located in the stunning Hook Head Peninsula, with a guided tour of the lighthouse allowing you to step back in time and listen to the medieval stories of the area, and tales of what it was like to be a light keeper in medieval times.

With guided tours seven days a week, and a range of exhibits to enjoy, this is a lighthouse experience like no other in Ireland. Climb the 115 steps to the top of the medieval tower, and enjoy the wonderful views out at sea, a view that has remained unspoiled since the medieval period, and beyond. The lighthouse also has connections to Norman Ireland as it was built by the son of Strongbow, Knight William Marshall, the Earl of Pembroke, who was King of Leinster at the time.

Before the lighthouse was built, Christian monks lit fires to warn sailors of the dangerous rocks that lined the peninsula. These monks went on to become the first light keepers of Hook Head Lighthouse, and while they would move on in time, the lighthouse still remains today and was opened to the public in 2001. Enjoy a tour of the lighthouse and find out more about Ireland’s most famous lighthouse, and one of the country’s finest medieval structures.

Hook Head Lighthouse
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