One of several ancient stone circles in Ireland, Drombeg Stone Circle in Glandore, County Cork is perhaps the most famous in the country, consisting of 13 pillar stones made from local sandstone (formally 17 stones made up the stone circle). Known locally as Druid’s Altar, Drombeg Stone Circle is located on the edge of a rocky slope near the sea, with this location proving popular with the many visitors who visit across the year.

Like many of Ireland’s stone circles, Drombeg was used as a means to distinguish the different seasons of the year, and in particular the Winter Solstice. It is also thought that Drombeg may have also been used as an ancient burial site, with previous excavations uncovering cremated bones in the area.

Also present at Drombeg is Fulacht Fiadh, a communal cooking pit with a hearth. Hot stones were taken from the fire and dropped into the water, with recent tests suggesting some 70 gallons of water could be boiled here. Drombeg Stone Circle is thought to date back over 2,000 years and also houses two large portal stones and the remains of ancient dwellings, giving some indication into how many of our ancestors may have lived over 2,000 years ago.

A visitor centre will enable you to find out more about the history of the Drombeg Stone Circle, while Ireland’s most southern point, Mizen Head, is just over one hour away in the car.

Drombeg Stone Circle
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