Located a short-drive from Carlow Town, Brownshill Dolmen is an impressive granite capstone weighing over 100 tonnes. Indeed, Brownshill Dolmen is the largest tomb of its kind in Europe, with the capstone resting on two large portal stones.

It is believed that the stone was the location for ancient religious rituals thousands of years ago, with reports of human sacrifice being performed at Brownshill Dolmen. It is also thought that this impressive tomb dates back over 4,000 years to around 2500BC to 3000BC.

Whether or not it was actually used as a site for human sacrifice, there’s no doubting that Brownshill Dolmen is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Carlow, attracting antiquarians and tourists down through the years.

Visible from the main road, a short walk will take you to this huge tomb, providing ample opportunities for great photos, especially if visiting as the sun is about to set.

Brownshill Dolmen
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