Strandhill Beach

Marvel at one of Ireland's top surfing destinations

Strandhill Beach is one of the most popular surfing locations in Ireland, with Strandhill Surf School a great way to get introduced to the sport for first timers in groups of all sizes.  Add a little adventure to your drive along the west coast.

The area of Strandhill is an area of outstanding natural beauty, located a short drive of Sligo Town with stunning panoramic views of the majestic Bunbulben and Knocknarea.  As well as being a popular spot for surfing and other watersports, Strandhill is a great area for enjoying a relaxing coastal walk and watching the waves crash off the rocky landscape below.  There are dangerous tides along this stretch of Ireland so swimming from the beach isn’t recommended.

If you finish your day travelling around Sligo in Strandhill, sit back and relax, and watch the sunset on one of Ireland’s true gems.

Images via Fáilte Ireland © Alison Crummy